Written by Vancouver Island counselor James Pepperton, The Quest is a series of self contained short stories in the vein of modern parables. James contacted me in the final stages of writing his book. He approached me for a book front cover design helping him move to the final stages of publishing. 
"Thank you Natthan for taking the time to not only listen to an old man but read his book. Love what we created, thanks bud"
- via text James Pepperton
Stage 1: inital concepts
After reading the book, I realized the challenge came in encapsulating twelve stories into a single relevant image for the cover. His secondary concern was that the image was appealing to males aged 17 - 25. James sent me various reference imagery mostly composed of double exposed photography and vintage post cards. I used this as a spring board to enter the creative process while keeping true to the books symbolic nature. The resulting images include a map, beach walk. desert illustration and road trip were a few concepts that we explored through Zoom calls and email. 
Stage 2: fine tuning & finalization 
After James and I went over the initial concepts, the road forward became clear. The key to my success was to implement elements from various concepts into one. This includs the use of bold Helvetia font, sunset horizon, white van, and unique perspective. This reflects the content of the book through the use of symbolism: the white van represents a vehicle or platform in which the reader will use to journey through the book, the road is the path that takes you to a brighter future AKA, Jame's hope for the reader of his book. The font is a clear and recognizable to both church goers and non church goers alike. The 3rd person view from above allows encourages the reader to shift their perspective. James was thrilled with the end result, especially with the symbolic connection to his stories. 
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