Purely Free is an innovative startup that aims to introduce non-alcoholic beverages to the Vancouver bar and restaurant scene. The company's philosophy is of sophistication and serving flavourful non-alcoholic options reminiscent of the grand 1920's parties (The Great Gatsby). As a startup, Purely Free required a ground up design for the visual components of their brand as they entered into a competitive marketplace that was completed in three stages. 
"Natthan Davis was an asset to our team as we developed a band identity. His skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and adobe XD allowed us to visualize abstract ideas into fruition. I'm looking forward to working with Natthan again in the future."
- Nick C
Stage 1: logo design
Purely Free required a versatile and bold logo to easily explore their brand identity through different mediums of visual communication. in order to achieve this challenge, I used a word mark logo with a modified retro font was used. To create a bold feel, the primary colours of Venetian Red and Light Cornflower Blue were used to achieve this bold feel with eye catching high contrast.  This bold modified word mark also set the stage for allowing me to solve the next creative challenges. 

To keep the identity open, two main colours were chosen to provide contrast in the logo and set the stage for the secondary colour pallet. Venetian red being used in Italian Renaissance paintings, brings a light warm effect that catches the viewer's eye. Light Cornflower Blue provides elegance and contrast that matches the clean visual communication. 

The secondary colour palette is used to compliment the primary colours with an off-white but low saturation background colour and higher saturation colours like dark cyan and pink pantone being used in the clothing of people sketches. These secondary colours are rough guidelines for the brand as seen below, different shades of each colour are used.
Stage 2: package design
A large portion of the competition used a letterform logo with minimal visual elements. My goal was to separate Purely Free from this overplayed aesthetic, so I embraced the 1920’s with various ink drawings, retro motifs, art deco font. Then creating a visual catalogue that was easily replicated allowing the company to have a clear vision when creating new flavours. For example, Gin & Tonic was made to represent a night out and Sangria Sunset was used to represent a relaxing on the beach.

To build the modern 1920’s aesthetic, accents inspired by stained glass, fireworks, and straight line work were used in the background to visually communicate the feeling of good times and celebration. In the combination with ink drawings, this allows for endless flexibility in merchandising and applications. 
Drink Coaster Design
Packaging size mockups

Proxima Nova was used to increase legibility in small text while also being a clean and modern font that is easily used in digital applications. The font is used in delivering key informational items without competing with the logo. Pinot Griot Modern is used in titles to enhance the feel of elegancy. 
Stage 3: Landing Page Website
With the target market being restaurant and bar owners, the landing page is focused on gathering information for the sales team at Purely Free. Using imagery of the product along with developed accents, allows for a straight forward but visually pleasing first impression. 
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