Moo Crema is an ice cream company out of California that specializes in bringing "funky flavours packed with chunks". At the time of the project, the founder had some traction with selling his products informally and required a logo to legitimize the brand.  
"I was impressed by your ability to walk us through the creative process and thrilled with the end result."
- Arturo F
The client initially sought a mascot for their family farm, opting for a cow and considering names like Moo Crema and El Heldo with Hispanic-inspired elements. They were drawn to two art styles: European dairy labels and Latin pop art. The final choice emerged with a funky cow design, its playful font and vibrant colours evoking memories of creating their first chocolate chunk ice cream. I developed an original typeface, refining readability and experimenting with techniques to create an identifiable cow. To link the brand to ice cream, the cow was replaced with a spoonful of ice cream, and adjustments were made for typography legibility. The resulting logo, featuring a cohesive rectangle shape, garnered positive feedback from focus groups, projecting a family-friendly ice cream parlour with a strong and recognizable brand. styles. 
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