Mdrn office is a Vancouver refurbished home office furniture store that contacted me looking to update their website to allow for more functionality within their business. The company had a pre built shopify website that they liked, but wanted to expland on it's existing design.
Stage 1: Planning
After talking with the owner about the current issues witht he site, it was clear the funionality of booking veiwings was the main challange of this project. The company already had a site created, and the rest of the design was to update the existing design with their existing assets. Mockups of the layout for the vaious pages were created to plan the required functonality. 
Stage 2: Design
Using the clean and minimal astetic the client already liked, I designed a website with minimal colour only using red, orange and grey to convey important information and clear indicators for the user. From research in the planning stage, the user was very familir with the product, so only information about condition and price was included along with images about the products condiditon. The appointment schduling feature was designed for 15 minute time slots with contact and all design were optimised for desktop and mobile. 
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